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Tour The Vineyards

We invite you to come and experience a private and educational tour of our winery & vineyards, dedicated with you in mind. Step out of the wine tasting room and stroll through the vineyard. Enjoy the sweeping views of the mountains while learning the history of the unique cold-hardy grapes. If you are lucky, one of the owners will guide the tour. 


Take a Tour

Living on The Vineyards

In September of 2015, the first block of Marquette was harvested, a hybrid grape that is said to be the cousin of Frontenac and the grandson of Pinot Noir. Because of the extensive research of cold-hardy grapes done by Cornell and the University of Minnesota, successful grape growing can be made possible in areas with unpredictable weather.


Named for Central Oregon’s Three Sisters peaks, Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards is an estate vineyard and tasting room on 312 acres in Terrebonne, Oregon. Take a tour, sip on a flight of wines, and learn about the process of growing wine grapes in the arid and unpredictable climate of Central Oregon. Along with a variety of wines, we have a menu of small bites as well as pizza to snack on while you relax and enjoy the views from the vineyard. If you’re looking for a little more action, there is live music at the tasting room and vineyard every Saturday night from 6 to 9 p.m. Grab a friend and make this Terrebonne gem a destination wine date.

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